R-PLANET” a revolutionary NFTs-staking system, which allows you to benefit from unused NFTs and have a lot of fun.

Stake your unused NFTs for profit and enjoyment!

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Help support us by voting for the Gods and Legends on the

R-Planet Staking Hub.

Help us climb the ladder to earn more AETHER per hour. Log in to R-Planet website and click the vote button on the same row as Gods and Legends.


Stake your Gods and Legends NFTs to earn AETHER TOKEN 






Go to the Unstaked tab and click the stake button to start earning AETHER.


To view or unstake your NFTs, go to the Staked tab.

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Claim Your AETHER Every Hour

To avoid burning mined AETHER, make sure your Claim Limit is higher than your Mined Balance before you claim.



If you have sent your GNL NFT cards to  R-Planet staking platform you will still be earning $GNL token every hour. Your cards won't show in the GNL staking platform because they are not in your wallet, but don't worry, you are still earning $GNL token every hour. 

R-Planet Ambassador Program

Gods and Legends were chosen as an R-Planet Ambassador for the month of May and June!


Watch Gods and Legends as a special guest on R-Planet stream.

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