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nft Blender

Use the blender to upgrade your Gods and Legends NFT cards into higher rarities
*Login to your WAX wallet and select "If I own all the required NFTs" in the sorting menu to see the blends you currently have.

normal character

5 Base = 1 Rare
3 Rare = 1 Epic
3 Epic = 1 Legendary
3 Legendary = 1 Mythic
3 Mythic = 1 Divine
3 Divine = 1 Eternal

Fusion character

Mythological Fusions

Combine different characters from the same mythology to create a very powerful God

Special items

Medussa Coins, Apollo Notes, Gold Bars

Blend items into very rare character cards
Gods and legends
NFT cAsino
Sacrifice your NFTs for Casino Coin NFTs.
Play luck and chance games for a chance to win Gods and Legends NFTs.
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