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  • What is an NFT?
    NFTs can be drawings, music, photos, artwork + more, and they exist in the digital world. Think of an NFT as a digital collectable. NFT stands for “Non Fungible Token”, which means that it is a one of a kind digital token and cannot be duplicated. Think of a token as a piece of data. For example, a Bitcoin is a fungible token, meaning you can trade one Bitcoin for another Bitcoin, and you’ll have the exact same thing - a Bitcoin. An NFT however, is a non-fungible token - only 1 of it can exist. For example an NFT trading card or NFT artwork has metadata (a unique number) attached to it. This makes it different from the rest and proves its authenticity. Check out this video for more info:
  • Digital collectables .vs. Physical collectables
    NFTs solve many problems in the collectable world. Here’s our top 10: Physical collectables get damaged overtime and you must take care of them. Digital collectables will stay in mint condition forever. Physical collectables need paperwork or other evidence to show they are legitimate. Digital collectables have all that evidence attached to them through metadata. Physical collectables are difficult to show to others. You have to physically bring them to your friends, or your friends have to come to you. Digital collectables you can show them off to anyone through the internet, on your phone or by using apps. Physical collectables have no function other than collecting, trading and selling. Digital collectables can be used for video games, earning passive income (staking), blending to create different NFTs, collecting, trading, selling + many more functions are still being discovered. Physical collectables are not easy to sell and you don’t always know if you’re getting the best price. Digital collectables can be sold with the click of a button. You can sell 1000+ NFTs in 1 second and the going price + history of all the sales is always attached in the metadata. Physical collectables can easily be stolen or lost. Digital collectables are harder to steal and can never be lost. Physical collectables are difficult to trade. Digital collectables can be traded with the push of a button on many different marketplaces. Physical collectables can be counterfeit. Digital collectables are publicly verified using the metadata attached to them. Physical collectibles may be hard to find if you’re looking to make a purchase. Digital collectables are public and can be found in many different NFT marketplaces. You can send offers instantly through NFT marketplaces. Physical collectables can have high production costs + shipping costs + take to arrive. Digital collectables have a low production cost and can be transferred in seconds.
  • What you can do with Gods and Legends NFTs
    Game, Stake, Blend, Collect, Trade, Sell. Gaming: Use your GNL NFTs in our Tower Defense game for PC + Mobile. Earn $GNL token by playing the game. Check out the games menu to see what other games you can use Gods and Legends NFTs in (Wombat Dungeon Master - Warsaken - Immersys) Staking: Hold our NFTs in your WAX wallet and passively earn $GNL token. You can claim your $GNL token rewards every hour at Check out the rewards page to see what other tokens you can earn with Gods and Legends NFTs ($WAX - $AETHER + more). Use your $GNL token to make purchases in the GNL store or you can trade/swap it for other crypto currencies on Alcor Exchange Blending: Combine your GNL NFTs to create better NFTs. 7 Rarities in total + Artifact blends: 5 Base cards = 1 Rare card 3 Rare cards = 1 Epic card 3 Epic cards = 1 Legendary card 3 Legendary cards = 1 Mythic card 3 Mythic cards = 1 Divine card 3 Divine cards = 1 Eternal card 7 Artifact NFTs = 1 Legendary card Collecting: Collect GNL NFTs and as the project grows and the demand increases, your NFTs may increase in price. Trading: Trade your NFTs by making trade offers on many different marketplaces. Our preferred marketplace is Trade your NFTs in the GNL telegram and discord trading channels. Selling: Sell your NFTs on many different NFT marketplaces. Our preferred marketplace for selling is
  • How to make a WAX Wallet for holding your NFTs
    Go to Use a sign up method to create an account. (Google sign up accepted) You will receive a unique WAX wallet address consisting of 4-7 letters/numbers followed by [.wam] once you login. This is your wallet address.
  • How to Purchase Gods and Legends NFTs
    In order to purchase our NFTs you must have $WAX tokens or $GNL tokens in your WAX wallet. How to buy WAX token: Login to you WAX wallet at and on the top left corner of your screen right under your balance you will find a button that says [BUY WAXP]. Click on that and you will find many options including Visa/MasterCard for purchasing WAX tokens. How to buy GNL token: Go to and you will see 2 options [Trade $GNL] and [Swap $GNL]. You can trade WAX token for GNL token or swap other Crypto Currencies for GNL tokens. Purchase our NFTs using WAX token on the AtomicHub Marketplace (, NeftyBlocks Marketplace and NFT Hive marketplace. Check out our Drops page for upcoming NFT releases at the lowest prices. Get them before they hit the secondary market. Purchase our NFTs using GNL token on the GNL Shop located at Make sure to login to your WAX wallet to see the shop.
  • How to see your NFT Inventory
    Go to and login to your wax wallet or anchor wallet at the top right corner of the screen. Click on your wallet address in the top right corner of the screen after logging in. Click inventory and scroll down to see the NFTs you currently own. Other options: Download the TokenHead app on your smart phone. Download the Token Art app on your smart phone. Download the Taco app on your smart phone.
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