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Get ready to use your WAX NFT cards in our upcoming play to earn game.

Build towers to attack enemy waves and stop them from reaching the end.
Control your Gods and Legends as moveable units to fight and distract enemies.
Play to Earn GNL Token
Campaign, PVP, Tournaments
Use GNL token in game
Lands coming soon


Titans are the product of primordial chaos. They created the world and they created the gods.


The gods, like any ungrateful children, overthrew the titans and began to conquer the people. They gained strength, prospered and ruled. They did what they wanted, thinking only of themselves. during all this the titans didn't care what happened, They just watched.

But, at some point, the titans got tired. They were angry that they had been forgotten. Forgotten not only by the gods, but almost the whole world. Therefore, the titans gathered their last henchmen and went to war. Their goal is to crush everything that they have created earlier and create a new world from the ashes. A world where titans are honored.

Can you help the gods save us? 

Details About Gameplay

(Following info is conceptual and is subject to change in further development since we will need to adapt certain values, use it only to get an idea on how the things will work.)


► Use your Gods and Legends NFT Main Collection Cards to summon Gods & Legends in the game as
towers + Gods. you can upgrade them using Cards + gold.

► Player defends against waves of enemies that try to reach the end.

► Every round enemies get stronger

► Each player starts with *TBD life points.

► Each enemy that reaches the end costs the player a life point. Every 10 rounds, each enemy costs 1 life point more, except for rounds 31-40.

► Each time a players controlled God dies he will revive after 10 seconds where he died or he can revive himself instantly at cost of $GNL Token.


Life cost

Life cost per enemy that reaches the end:

Round 1-10 = 1 Life point per enemy

Round 11-20= 2 Life points per enemy

Round 21-30= 3 Life points per enemy

Round 31-40= 5 Life points per enemy 


Characters will have ingame base stats depending on their rarity + combination of power from the cards they use to power up their main character. This will directly affect the Tier the player plays in, and to which prize pools & Tournaments they have access to!


There will be tournaments with prize pools which players will be able to access. There will be different types for different tiers.

You will need to buy tournament participation tickets using $GNL token to get access.

The profits from ticket sales go mostly to the prize pool ⅔ , the rest is burned ⅓ .

You will also be able to create a Team to compete in Special Tournaments on PolyPlay (

In-game Economy

  • Players earn Gold & $GNL (Gods & Legends Token) by killing enemies:

    • Players earn gold for killing every enemy

  • Players earn $GNL Tokens for completing each round:

    • Round 1-10 = 0.1% $GNL per round = <(1% GnLT total)

    • Round 11-20 = 0.2% $GNL per round = <(2% GnLT total)

    • Round 21-30 = 0.3% $GNL per round = <(3% GnLT total)

    • Round 31-40 = 0.4% $GNL per round = <(4% GnLT total)

    • = 10% of player’s max cap of in game tokens total for all rounds

    •  + another 10% $GNL as a reward if you manage to complete all rounds.

  • (will be added later) Every 10 rounds players are teleported to an arena to fight in a duel against other players. The winner gets following rewards:

    • Round 10 = (1% tokens)

    • Round 20 = (2% tokens)

    • Round 30 = (3% tokens)

    • Round 40 = (4% tokens)

Your capacity will refresh each hour. The hourly values are the same as your passive staking power multiplied by two. It’s still not confirmed if the in game values refresh hourly or daily, but in current whitepaper calculations will be made on an hourly basis.

Max capacity = How much daily you can mine in game, calculation of the passive staking power of your NFTs multiplied by 24 hours and 2 (in game staking has twice the potential staking power).
“Staking power x 24 x 2“


Current capacity = How much you can currently mine, it increases with each hourly refresh or decreases as you mine GNL.

Potential rewards = are percentages calculated off your max in game cap. you can only get rewarded from the current capacity pool (if you have 5325/15400 tokens available you can’t mine more than 5325 until your cap refreshes and you have more available. The cap will refresh hourly, and will cap at 24 or 48 hours (TBD).

Current Stage:

alpha testing
Official release q1 2022


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