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wish a custom card
Special Event

create your own 1/1 special edition gods and legends nft card

Character design
character name
card quote
card colors
inside background
outside background
card flame design + colors

your card will be minted as a 1/1 nft in the gods and legends collection on the wax blockchain.

Each special edition card has staking utility.
stake your card for our $GNL token + r-planets $AETHER token at the same time.


you get to chose:

how to enter:

hold a gods and legends nft genie lamp in your wax wallet.
1 lucky mint number will be chosen at the end of each month.
winners will be announced on twitter, telegram & discord.
Each winner will have 2 weeks to confirm their prize or a new winner will be selected.


buy genie lamps:

monthly Winners are announced in our telegram and discord groups

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