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Staking Rates

Supply & Token allocation

Total Token Supply: 2.5 Trillion (2,500,000,000,000)
Passive Staking: ⅓
In game/Active Staking Power: ⅔ 


This means in game mining has twice the daily mining potential of the passive system. This is done to prevent inflation & reward those who are engaged in GNL.

There will also be weekly & monthly in-game Tournaments.

Players will pay a certain amount of tokens to gain entry to these Tournaments, top 50 or 100 will be rewarded with GBL tokens & NFTs.

⅔  of all tokens will go towards prize pool, ⅓ will be burned.


Staking Details

Passive staking works on a pool system. Both godslegends1 & godslegendsx schema NFTs have their own pool.

godslegends1 pool: 3245000GNL per hour

godslegendsx pool: 440000 GNL per hour

Starting passive staking values per hour for main collection NFTs:

Base: 6.10 GNL/h
Rare: 30.51 GNL/h
Epic: 91.54 GNL/h
Legendary: 274.62 GNL/h

Mythic = 839.14 GNL/h
Divine = 2571.50 GNL/h
Eternal = 7869.03 GNL/h


Collaboration NFTs will have a 10% bonus added to passive staking value for each rarity since they won’t be used in game.

Starting passive staking values per hour for collaboration collection NFTs:

Base: 8.23 GNL/h
Rare: 41.13 GNL/h
Epic: 123.40 GNL/h
Legendary: 370.19 GNL/h

Mythic: 1131.14 GNL/h
Divine: 3466.32 GNL/h
Eternal: 10607.25 GNL/h


Formula for passive staking values for each rarity in both schemas:


Main Collection NFTs [schema godslegends1]:

Base rarity value is 8 GNL per hour

Rare is 5 times base value

Epic is 15 times base value

Legendary is 45 times base value

Mythic is 137,5 times base value

Divine is 421,36 times base value   

Eternal is 1289,4 times base value

Collaboration NFTs (schema godslegendsx)

[10% bonus to passive staking values]:

Base is 1.1 times normal base

Rare is 5.5 times normal base

Epic is 16.5 times normal base

Legendary is 49.5 times normal base

Mythic is 151.25 times normal base

Divine is 463.496 times normal base

Eternal is 1418.34 times normal base


Active/In-game staking values per hour

Each NFT will raise the cap of in game staking rewards.

If your NFT has passive staking of 891 per hour it will give you twice its potential value(1782)per hour if you use it in game to farm tokens.

You can easily calculate the potential of your in game staking by just looking up your passive hourly/daily earnings and the potential in game rewards are twice that value.

Have in mind this is without any potential in-game tournament rewards added to calculation.

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