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Earn free maxcoins in our discord group


Join our Discord group:

Head over the "the lab" channel to start mining MAXCOIN

You will need a miner NFT ( in order to start mining maxcoins!
5000 Max Supply for the collab sticker/miner nft. You dont need more than one.

$mine will work for those who hold it in their wax wallet everytime you type $mine command, bot searches through their wallet for this specific NFT id.

Use your MAXCOINS to buy "lottery" - up to 100 participants.
You can buy NFTS with your MAXCOINS using $shop command! including our Gods and Legends NFTs!

For basic mining $mine which you can push every 30 minutes and get between 1 - 5 MAXCOINs.
For premium mining $collect which you can push every 1 hour and get 15 MAXCOINs (You need golden membership which is available on the secondary market)

How to get started

1. Connect your WAX address with your Discord account: Type $login If you do not have a WAX wallet yet, you can create one on

2. You can mine MAXCOINS by running the command $mine every 30 minutes (1-5 coins)

3. and collect even more MAXCOINS as a Golden Membership Card holder by running the command $collect once in a full hour (15 coins)

4. Buy NFTs and other goodies from our partners in the $shop

How to mine

Mining requires Gods and Legends x Maxy "collab stickers"(
Hold the NFT in your WAX wallet to mine.



$login | $mine | $collect | $shop | $maxshop | $buy | $leaderboard | $economy

"The Lab channel" in the Gods and Legends Discord Group.

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