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$DUST Token
Earn free crypto tokens for chatting in telegram .

A gift to the community.

DU$T is a minable cryptocurrency that you can earn for chatting on Telegram. Many users are already buying and selling NFTs using the DU$T cryptocurrency (listed here). DUST mining started as an initiative to reward people who were building communities and contributing to project development. The Magic DU$T group refers to DUST as “Magical in-game crypto you can get by turning chat groups and games into mines.”

When Telegram channel owners add the DUST miner to their channel, everyone within gains DU$T for each message they send. It is sent on the blockchain in real-time and verified immediately with no middleman or centralized wallet. Many of the telegram channels which feature DUST mining are NFT centric. As a result, many have also begun to offer their NFTs for DU$T.

One of the key advantages that DUST has, is its accessibility. Anyone with a phone can participate and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, unlike other cryptocurrencies. You send a message and you get DU$T for it, simple.


1) Get a WAX wallet

Your first step is to make an account which will hold your DUST. Getting a WAX wallet is both fast and convenient. Simply head to WAX wallet and sign up. You’ll be given a WAX wallet address which we’ll use in the next step.

2) Set up Telegram

Download the Telegram app. After the initial account creation, set the @username for your account. This is a very important step because if you try to sync without one it will not work.

3) Sync your WAX and Telegram Accounts

Now you have your WAX wallet address. Open Telegram and head to and join the Gods and Legends Telegram channel.

After you complete Rose’s human verification, you need to sync your WAX address to your Telegram username.
To do this, type /sync with your WAX wallet address following. For example, “/sync abcde.wam“.
If you did it correctly the bot will say “Player has been added.”
However, if you get the error message: “A wallet for this user has already been synced” then it is most likely because you haven’t set the @username for your account.


Once you have been added, each chat message you send will earn you a DU$T token. You do not need to /sync for each channel you join. To see how much you have collected, type /balance in chat. See below for more bot commands. You can check your wallet transactions on to make sure you are getting sent dust when messaging.

Useful DUST Bot commands

/stash Displays all of the DUST related NFTs you own.
/balance Displays the total DUST you have in your wallet.
/whipitout Displays the total DUST you have in your wallet.
/stake Shows your total stakes
/stakedhere Shows all staked (to this mine)
/top Shows the Top Miners
/help Lists all Commands
Reply with /report Pings a mod. Useful if you see someone purposely spamming.



You can have DU$T visible and showing in your WAX wallet by manually adding it to your token list. You must first navigate to WAX Cloud Wallet click Manage near the Token list and Add Custom Token.

Fill in these details:

DUST (Token Symbol)
4 (Decimal Places)
niftywizards (Token Contract)
DU$T (Token Name)
Qmad8pV195vekPvojNdVMQHTTnw7AqP4A879rtguvbnjjE (Token Image)













Certain NFTs multiply the amount of DU$T you can earn. DUST enhancers allow you to earn more for each message. Stacking these NFTs can make mining far more worthwhile.

DUST currently uses what they call “Algorithmic Mining”. When you post a message in a DUST mine a number is generated between 1 and 2.5. This is the base DUST boost for owning a DUST NFT. The base number is multiplied by the number of Enhancers or Partner NFT’s you have. For example, you have 3 DUST NFTs and send a message in a DUST mine and roll a 2. That 2 will be multiplied by 3 leaving you with 6 DUST sent to your wallet. There is no longer a cap on the amount of DUST you can earn from each message.





















This post sums it up nicely.

There is a strong potential for gamification and there is a wide range of possibilities for where this could go. Right now, the DUST NFTs have the same function. However, later on, they will build out additional rewards for each one specifically. Some NFTs will give you a multiplier on replies. Some might enter users into a lottery where they could earn more.

You can browse and purchase DUST NFTs on AtomicHub. For now, the partner NFTs share the same function as the DUST enhancers. Later, there will be added bonuses when chatting in their respective Telegram groups.


use $dust token to buy cpu

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